The cold winds of November

Hello my old comrades,

I have been roaming and walking this earth of ours, contemplating and analyzing my surroundings. I have been bringing in the energy of those around me, some knowing and some not.

The cold winds of November have been pushing back at me, giving me pause and forcing me to slow my pace forward. I have been learning and training to soak up the forceful energy of wind power and instead of pushing me, going through my body. This requires a certain type of energy manipulation I refuse to get into.

This training, observing, analyzing and meditating has allowed me to grow the power and energy within. It has allowed be to become stronger and more resistant to the negative electrodes that attach themselves to each soul that flows past its fingertips.

You will see me grow more over the coming months. I am changing and swimming amongst sharks blended as men and women. Sharks that refuse the inherent hesitation that all animals possess to bite.

I have been bitten, friends. I have healed.

I may be fading, but I will never be forgotten


The gaseous energy that envelops our planet sometimes lingers on the floor, sometimes it convulses and pulses and collects in much stronger powerful formats. I have taken several deep breaths of this energy. You have to be at the right place on the planet, but also at the right moment in time. Not everyone can connect to this gaseous energy.

Some spend their entire life without even knowing its existence. Some spend their entire lifetime searching for it. I have found it on several occasions. And I will try to explain to the best of my ability how you too can connect and breath in the gas-form pure energy that will give you such a surge of power throughout your mind, body and soul.

This power can be used for good, although it is sometimes used for evil by some darker individuals. I urge you to consider your actions before taking it upon yourself to embark on such a power quest.

Once you have made the decision and feel that you can use this ultimate power responsibly, then here is how you can find it within our realm :

The power exists in its natural state in gaseous form, as I mentioned. The source of the powerful gas comes from a hardened white substance that is a condensed solid form of the gas energy. There is a network of tunnels underneath most city centers, including that of Toronto. The entrance ways have been described by me in an earlier post. There are several doorways in the west and east end areas of this city that can be used to access the tunnels. It is within these tunnels that you will be able to find the solid formation of the gaseous power.

Please inhale the powerful gasses very safely. You will feel a rush of power moving from your hands mouth, lungs and belly. This will make your eyes widen with the clarity of perception that some spend decades seeking. Tread wisely and use this powerful information for good.

Your friend,

Igor Kenk

Dreams are faint and dismissive of my past

I have slowed my metabolism of 21st century propaganda and societal pressures and norms. I refuse to digest any further the metabolism of the digestive tract that is our Western society.

I wake up each day and look outside the window of my halfway house bedroom and absorb the pure white energy that the sun casts onto my face. I let the energy flow into my veins and into my being. The energy gives me strength.

Each day I am faced with an increasingly mounting set of challenges and roadblocks toward my ultimate freedom from the chains that society has wrapped my body and mind. I will soon be free of all that confines my spirit and my Chi life-force.

I touch the mother earth below my bare feet during my daily chant walks through High Park. I bellow the positive energy words that encompass the energy and power that the ancient linguistic designers of the power of speech intended. My daily chant walks through the park with my bare feet touching the cold damp earth help keep me localized and not tainted by the society that continues to try and trap me in an empty cellar with the door locked and no way out.

The cold damp earth touches my toes and I smile, because I know one day I will be free as free as the eagle flies above Gia Mother earth, leaving the ground far below. Flying towards the sun. Truly Free.

The light of my tunnels has shattered the security systems

As mentioned earlier, I have several cavernous tunnels that lead to my old bike repair shop.

These tunnels stretch for miles and criss-cross each other in a honeycomb maze, ultimately leading to several secretly guarded rooms where most of my secrets are held.

You might be wondering why I am telling you this, but there is a sense of urgency currently. Demons have emerged from the seventh layer of protection (now defunct) and are slowly penetrating my further lines of defenses.

I require support and help to defend my old lair / repair shop from the approaching beasts, and I need it very quickly. I have acquired many pieces of battle armor and swords to fight. I need the services of a mage, a wizard and a thief.

Could someone please help me? I feel dark times are ahead…

The mission of old

As soon as darkness overcomes the light , I will head westward on Dundas St W until I enter the Etobiocke lands. After I pass Prince Edward, I will hang a hard right/north and walk through thick brush until I enter the Humber River Zone. I will walk through this zone until I come across the railroad tracks — I will follow these tracks North East until I come across a huge bridge. It is there that I will walk across the bridge.

I will spend most of the night digging holes in the hardened  ground and burying several key artifacts that will enable me to communicate with several beasts of old. It is complicated to explain , but I will be chanting and moaning for most of this night. Once you cross the bridge (heading north east), there is tree’s all around and the silence that encompasses this area is necessary to complete these tasks.

You can see the specific area I will be travelling here :,-79.512203&hl=en&geocode=&mra=mi&mrsp=0&sz=18&sll=43.662648,-79.512134&sspn=0.002592,0.004785&ie=UTF8&ll=43.662648,-79.512042&spn=0.002592,0.004785&t=h&z=18

Clouds surrounding

The clouds of galganoth are surrounding my premisis.

I cannot tell you where I am right now — aside from the fact that I am safe in a wooden hut in a wood not far from the northern passage near the western badlands.

Galganoth has been summoned by several underlings in the mountain caves of Brimmsprig. I cannot speak much more. Things are happening and I will provide more information shortly.

Make haste.

The 7th ring of protection has failed : Michael Bryant has been released into our realm

I was at the don river, under the richmond bridge (as it passes over the river), just letting my feet dangle over the edge of the black stinky water — the river goes down at least 20 feet at that point. I watched the driftwood float by and stared blankly into the water for several hours while this assault happened.

My sweaty dirty greasy skin will be cooled by the gentle summer breeze as I look below from the viaduct — the cars still steadily screaming north/southbound even at 4AM.

My hands will release and my cellphone, with my phonebook and all connections with my friends and family, will drop and gently plummet to the eventual release; my release from this world is my only comfort.

I glance over to my right — I see the emergency helpline phone at the beginning of the viaduct. the phone has been ripped out and the line dangling; a reminder that there’s no other way.

“probably some fuckin kids ripped out the phone as a joke”, I muttered.

I turn my attention to the don river below. I can see debris slowly floating southward as the river flows to the lake. A shopping cart is entrenched in the mud riverbank, tangled in the brush and half covered in plastic bags.

“I think this will be my final resting spot” , I mumble.

Over I go from the railing , as the wind rushes in my face I see a small light materializing on top of the shopping cart where Im headed — the next dimension opens up and I am sucked through into the cold black abyss, finally releasing myself.

The underbelly of the beast

I have experienced and seen a lot over the course of my life. I have wandered the depths of each 4 extremes within our spiritual existence in this universe.

Not many people know this but my old bicycle repair shop was larger than it looked from the outside. There were many many different underground levels below the shop itself.

The caverns are connected — they start far from my shop midway at Bathurst / College, and spiral all the way southward to Queen / Bathurst and then eastwards throughout, with hundreds of rooms honeycombing from the main tunnels. My son was the keeper of several dungeons and had various daggers and spears that helped him keep the goblins at bay.

I used to kick and spit on him because all he would do is growl and slobber — I was so ashamed of him. Now that he’s gone I find myself missing him more and more….

My son had one of 6 keys to the Galganoth caverns,  which reach trinity from queen+bathurst, these keys would have opened one of the pits of steam that feed energy into my old bike repair shop — we could have stopped this years ago but my guardian familiar died in the bathurst/queen fire (dont ask). If anyone wants to meet at the linux cafe (326 Harbord Street)  to maybe come up with a plan  to go through the sewers of shit underneath my old bike repair store , let me know. Even though its under construction now, I believe the entrance still exists underneath a pile of rubble.

You have entered a dungeon … of your mind

While you rattle the chains of your own consciousness and try to break free of the restraints and restrictions that society and the government put onto you, you should take a step back and think about who you are in this life.

What is your purpose?

To love? To hate? To make money?

I truly believe in several levels of mental and physical dungeons — each person is their own dungeon master and they must learn to escape these dungeons over the course of their life.

Being a dungeon master myself, I can only attest to the liberating feeling that one gets when realizing they are not restricted by their minds constraints anymore. I feel more free now than I ever have in my life.

There are so many mystical and wondrous things in this universe that we cannot yet explain; such as palm reading, tarot cards and other mysteries that science cannot explain.

Once you learn to free yourself of the constraints of your own personal dungeon, you will join me in the light of clarity that only a learned mage can attain.

Stay tuned.

The minds eye : healing your spirit

In the wake of many societal dramas and tragedy’s, it becomes apparent that the level of mental exhaustion exhibited upon all people has been rising steadily in the last 50 years.

Rationalization and logic has become the new religion — with it comes a heavy burden, however. Understanding and making sense of purpose is an extremely tiring exercise that ultimately breeds cynicism and hopelessness.

Different people have different abilities; I have been able to master several spiritual skills during my experiences in the last year. I have had a lot of time to look inwardly and analyze myself and the decisions I have made in my life that ultimately led me to where I am now.

The spirit is a wondrous and mystical thing; Not easily defined as well as not fully understood. My powers have been growing by the day, exponentially, since I have been able to master the initial spiritual breathing and meditation techniques that have been known and passed down for thousands of years by skilled Mages as well as Druids and Monks.

I would like to pass down my knowledge to you, the reader of my blog.

Stay tuned.